Packs for your employees

New employees?

If you've chosen AustSafe Super as your default fund, here's your go-to guide for what new employees will need.

Standard Choice Form - Use this form to offer eligible employees their choice of fund. You must fill in the details of your default fund before giving the form to employees.

Industry Super PDS - Give this PDS to your employees and tell them to complete the form at the back of the PDS to join AustSafe Super. 

Financial Services Guide - This Guide provides information about AustSafe Super and the types of financial services we provide to our members.

Online rollover tool or Transfer other super to AustSafe Super form - If your employees have super elsewhere, they can use either this online tool or form.

Member brochure - Give this brochure to employees to let them know about AustSafe Super and the benefits of being a member.


Departing Australia Fact Sheets

Do your employees need a Departing Australia Fact Sheet? Click here to find them in their preferred language.