Choice of fund

Most employees have the right to choose their own super fund. This information will help you meet your obligations as an employer.

You must provide a Standard Choice Form to eligible employees within 28 days of their start date. 

If an employee doesn't want to choose a fund, you must pay their contributions to your nominated default fund.

Which employees can choose?

To find out if your employees are eligible for choice of fund, visit the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Keep records of your contributions

You need to keep records that show:

  • Eligible employees who have been offered a choice of fund
  • Employees who have not been offered a choice of fund
  • The amount of super you’ve paid for each employee
  • Records confirming that your default fund is a complying fund.

The records must be in English and kept for at least five years.

For more information on your obligations, contact the ATO or download our Employer Obligations Fact Sheet.

Useful resources

Standard Choice Form - This must be provided to all employees eligible for choice of fund once a year or when they start working for you.

Letter of Compliance - This confirms AustSafe Super’s eligibility to be selected as your default fund and receive contributions on behalf of your employees. AustSafe Super is a fully regulated, complying fund under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, and is MySuper Authorised UI 92398191503985.