Become an AustSafe Super employer
Join online

Join online and become one of our employers. 

Compliance letter

This letter verifies AustSafe Super is a complying superannuation fund and is able to receive Superannuation Guarantee contributions and rollovers.

Employer application form

Use this form to provide the information we need to set you up as an AustSafe Super employer.

Employer guide

Information on becoming an AustSafe Super employer.

Updating details
Employer change of details form

Use this form to update your details so we can keep in touch with important updates and information. 

For your employees
Industry Super PDS and Member application form

Give this PDS to your employees and tell them to complete the form at the back of the PDS to join AustSafe Super.

Standard choice form

Use this form to give to new or current employees to advise of your default fund, and to allow them to choose their preferred fund.

Making contributions
Employer direct debit request

Use this form to allow AustSafe Super to deduct contributions from your bank account. 

Member update form

Use this form if you have additional employees you need to contribute for that are not on the Employer contribution advice.

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