Start a Pension account
Pension PDS and Pension application form

Open a Pension account with AustSafe Super using the form at the back of the Pension PDS. 

Online rollover tool

Use our online rollover tool to transfer your super from another fund into your AustSafe Super account. Simply login to your MemberOnline account to do this. 

Transfer your super to AustSafe Super

Use this form to transfer your super to your AustSafe Super account before commencing your pension. 

Update your details
Change of member details form

Use this form to tell us when your details change.

Changing your pension
Change of pension payment amount and frequency form

Use this form to change the amount of pension you receive and/or the frequency you receive it.

Investment choice form

Use this form to change your current and future investments.

Withdrawing your pension
Pension withdrawal form

Use this form to make a lump sum withdrawal from your AustSafe Super Pension account.

Withholding declaration

If you are under age 60, use this form to vary the amount of tax we take out of your pension payments.

Nominating a beneficiary
Binding Death Nomination Form

Use this form to nominate your beneficiaries.

Preferred Beneficiary

Use this form to nominate a preferred beneficiary.

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