How we manage your super

We invest in many different investment markets around the world using a range of investment strategies. Many of our investment options have allocations to a diversified mix of investments, which minimises the overall impact should any given investment perform poorly.

Different investment markets and strategies require different expertise, so we appoint professional investment managers who specialise in particular areas.

How we monitor performance

We engage the expertise of professional investment consultants JANA to assist us in reviewing the investment objectives and strategies as well as monitoring the performance and capability of all our investment managers.

The role of investment managers

We set target returns for each class of investment. It’s the role of the investment manager to meet or exceed these return targets whilst working within the risk guidelines we set.

Investment managers

This table shows the asset classes which we invest in and the corresponding investment manager appointed by the Trustee. The managers listed below are current as at 31 July 2017. 

Australian Equities

International Equities

  • BlackRock Investment Management
  • Greencape Capital
  • Paradice Investment Management
  • Ophir Asset Management
  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • AllianceBernstein Investment Management
  • Causeway Capital Management
  • Investec Asset Management
  • Antipodes Partners Limited
  • T.Rowe Price
  • Macquarie Investment Management

Growth Alternatives

Direct Property

  • HarbourVest Partners
  • LGT Capital Partners
  • Pamona Capital
  • Siguler Guff Company
  • Standard Life
  • Continuity Capital Partners
  • AMP Capital
  • Matisse
  • QIC


Defensive Alternatives

  • AMP Capital
  • Hastings Funds Management
  • Brandywine Global Investment Management
  • Muzinich and Co

Fixed Interest


  • Brandywine Global Investment Management
  • Janus Henderson Investors
  • Members Equity
  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Term deposits with various authorised deposit-taking institutions