Introducing AustSafe Super's new EmployerOnline - featuring improved navigation to make paying super more efficient. For more information about how to use EmployerOnline, please read the User Guide. See the important changes below:

EmployerOnline login

Existing EmployerOnline users need to follow the two steps below to login to the new EmployerOnline.

EmployerOnline login EmployerOnline login

Submitting contributions

Our new EmployerOnline allows you to provide contribution information via Direct Entry (previously called "Online contribution return form") or via Payroll Upload (previously called "SuperFile Manager"). You can do this through the Home or Contribution menu tabs.

For employers with payroll datafiles, please see the 'Payroll Upload' page within EmployerOnline which provides a utility to map and load your datafile when first using this functionality. For existing employers, if you have uploaded a file you will be able to continue using the same file format as per your previous contribution return. Please call us on 1300 131 293 or your local Regional Manager if you need assistance with this.

Making payments

Round up your super

Do you pay by EFT ?

Our EFT details have changed

If you make payments using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) please note that our bank account details have changed. The account number required makes use of your employer number, this is to assist us with more efficient electronic processing. 

Some banks require you to enter 9 digits for an account number so if required include leading zero's when submitting the payment on your bank's website (e.g. 000123456). If you're unsure of what to do, just call us on 1300 131 293 and we'll talk you through it.

Member Statements

Direct Debit

If you require us to directly debit your bank account for payment (Authorised Bank Transfer), please note you need to authorise AustSafe Super to transfer payment on your behalf from within EmployerOnline.

This needs to be completed for the first payment.

Online Withdrawal


If you make payments using BPAY via the internet or phone banking, please note our BPAY Biller Code remains the same, however the Reference No. will now be unique for each payment made.

account summary

Your employees can now join online!

Any new employees can now join AustSafe Super using our online member join available at austsafe.com.au/join-super, rather than completing a paper application . When your employees join online, we provide them a member number that they can provide to you straight away.

Member Join Online