Everybody understands the importance of financial planning for retirement, however money is only part of the equation for a happy retirement. Sorting out your finances will certainly help relieve some stress, but you need to ensure you take time to consider other factors that may impact your ability to enjoy a healthy retirement. Planning to stay mentally healthy is just as important.

People retire very differently today, the traditional view of withdrawing from the workforce has changed. People no longer work for 30 or 40 years and then stop all forms of work and sit at home. Most people retire out of a full-time working environment into other new environments.

Retirement is no longer the final stage in a career; some choose to take up part- time work, some work as a volunteer (called bridge employment) and some un-retire, returning to work after a period of retirement.

SuperFriend, a national mental health promotion foundation, helps workplaces improve employee health and wellbeing through a range of evidence based, targeted workplace programs.

SuperFriend offers easy to understand information about mental health and mental illness, tips on how organisations can create supportive work environments and assist employees prepare for a healthy retirement and ways to access help if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Established by ‘all profit to member’ superannuation funds that care about their members, SuperFriend offers both free programs and programs at reduced rates for fund member employers. To find out if your workplace is eligible, contact your AustSafe Super Regional Manager.

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The articles below provide information on promoting a healthy retirement.

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