Have you thought about what would happen to your Pension account should you die?

This is a difficult topic but it is important to give extra thought to nominating who you would like your Pension paid to in the event of your death. This helps ensure we distribute your Pension according to your wishes.

How to do it

It’s simple:

To make or change a non-binding nomination, simply complete the Non-binding nomination form.

To make or change a binding nomination, simply complete the Binding nomination form. Remember to renew your nomination every three years to ensure it's valid.

It’s important to review this regularly and update it if your circumstances change.

Reversionary beneficiary nomination

You are only able to nominate a reversionary beneficiary at the time you open your AustSafe Super Pension. If you want to change your nominated reversionary beneficiary at a later date you will need to close your existing Pension account and open a new one.

For more information on beneficiaries, read the Pension PDS.