Investment options

You can change how your account is invested as often as weekly, at no cost.

After you join, you have the flexibility to choose a range of investment options for both your existing account balance and your future withdrawals and pension payments.

To change your investment option/s, you can either:

Login to your account via PensionOnline, or

Complete and return our Investment Choice Form.

When will my change take effect?

We declare weekly earning rates for our investment options and process investment choice changes once a week. If we receive your form or you make the change online before close of business any Wednesday, your switch will be processed on the Thursday of the following week. This day is called the ‘process date’. The switch will have an effective date of the previous Thursday. To determine the dollar value of your benefit being transferred we use the weekly earning rate that relates to the Friday prior to the ‘process date’.

For more information on changing options, read our Pension PDS.