Pension payments

You can choose to receive your payments fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. This table shows how and when you will be paid.

If you choose to be paid:Your payment will be made:
Fortnightly Every second Friday
Monthly On the 15th day of every month
Quarterly At the middle or end of the month (this date is based on when during a quarter you open your AustSafe Super Pension account)
Half-yearly or yearly You need tell us in which month/s you wish to be paid

To change your payment amount and frequency you can either:

Login to your account via PensionOnline, or

Complete and return the Change Of Pension Payment Amount And Frequency Form.

You need to do this at least five business days before your next payment is due. If not, your change won’t take effect until the following payment date.

If you don’t tell us how often you want your payments made, we’ll automatically pay you monthly.

For more information on pension payments, read the Pension PDS.