Our Executive Team


Craig Stevens head shot for websiteCraig Stevens

Chief Executive Officer
Position held: 16 October 2006 to present

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Wayne Oxenford head shot for websiteWayne Oxenford

General Manager - Member and Employer Services
Position held: 25 August 2014 to present

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Ian Carah head shot for website FINALIan Carah

General Manager - Governance, Risk and Finance
Position held: 25 May 2016 to present

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Erin Clements head shot for website FINALErin Clements

Human Resources Manager
Position held: 10 September 2013 to present

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Claire Chandler head shot for website FINALClaire Chandler

Head of Marketing
Position held: 22 May 2017 to present

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Director and Executive Management Remuneration

Details of the remuneration paid to the Directors and the executive managers for the past two completed years or the period during which they have been in the role are available here.