Changing your cover

Do you need more or different cover?

You can apply to change your cover by:

  • Adding extra units of Death Only or Death and TPD cover
  • Fixing your Death and TPD cover so that it doesn’t reduce with age. For Fixed cover, the premium you pay from your AustSafe Super account will generally increase each year
  • Taking out Income Protection cover
  • Choosing a shorter or longer waiting period for Income Protection
  • Changing the benefit payment period for Income Protection, or
  • Reducing or cancelling your cover.

To apply for or change your existing insurance cover, complete the Insurance application form at the back of the Insurance Guide.

Reduce or cancel cover

You can reduce or cancel your cover altogether. To do this, complete the Reduce or cancel insurance cover form.

For more information on changing insurance cover and what you need to do, read the Insurance Guide.

Not sure of how much cover you need?

Use our Insurance Calculator to find out how much insurance cover you may need and how much it will cost.

Insurance calculator

Need advice?

If you need help with determining the amount or type of insurance cover you need, you can call our Financial Planners on 1300 131 293.