Death & TPD Insurance cover

AustSafe Super’s Death and TPD insurance provides a lump sum payment if you die, have a terminal illness or become totally and permanently disabled.

Work related categories

The level of cover and premiums you pay are based on the type of work you do, which is either:

  • Standard cover (automatic), or
  • White Collar cover.

Standard cover is automatically provided to all new members. You must select your work category when you join. If you don’t, you’ll receive Standard cover. You can change your work category at any time and apply for White Collar cover by completing the Change of work category form.

Two options for cover

AustSafe Super provides two options for Death & TPD cover, because your risk profile and needs change over your life-time.

  • Unitised - as you age the premium stays the same and the amount of cover you have decreases, or
  • Fixed - as you age the amount of cover stays the same, but the premium you pay increases.

To calculate your premiums and read more about this cover, read our Insurance Guide. To apply for or change your existing Death Only or Death & TPD cover, complete the Insurance Application Form at the back of the Insurance Guide. 

Not sure of how much cover you need?

Use our Insurance Calculator to find out how much insurance cover you may need and how much it will cost.

Insurance calculator

Automatic cover

If you’re a new member and meet the eligibility conditions you’ll automatically receive two units of Death and TPD cover when you join AustSafe Super. You can cancel the TPD cover and choose to have Death Only cover. Simply complete the Reduce or cancel insurance cover form. For more information, read our Insurance Guide.

Special offer

If you’re a new Industry Super or Personal Super member, you can also apply for up to three extra units of Death Only or Death and TPD cover when you join. For information on this offer, read our Insurance Guide.

Life Events cover

If your personal situation changes, you may need to change your insurance. With Life Events cover, you can apply to receive up to two extra units of Death Only, Death and TPD or a Fixed cover equivalent – without having to provide full health information. 

For more information on this cover, read the Insurance Guide. To apply, complete the Life events application form.