Fees and costs

As an industry super fund, we're serious about making your money work harder for you. This is why we keep our fees as low as possible, so you have more going into your super and towards your retirement. 

We're committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our members by offering no establishment fees and low administration fees.

In 2017, the Government introduced some changes to the way super funds show and calculate their investment fees and costs. All costs incurred by the Fund when managing member investments have always been included in the returns. Indirect costs such as brokerage, buy-sell spreads and the cost of acquiring and selling of assets, which are incurred in managing the Funds assets, are now shown separately as a result of the regulatory changes. This will not impact the way we calculate your returns.

You can learn more about the fees and costs that apply to your AustSafe Super Industry Super and Personal Super account below. 


Table of Fees and Costs for all AustSafe Super Investment Options

Type of fee Amount How and when paid
Investment fee Investment option Investment Fee (Estimated) Indirect Ratio (Estimated) Total Investments Fees and Costs1 (Estimated) Investment Fees and Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) Fees are calculated as a percentage of the Fund’s assets. They are paid from investment earnings (which are calculated weekly net of fees and taxes) before they are allocated to your account as at 30 June each year or on your exit from the Fund. They are also applied at the time of an investment switch. 
MySuper (Balanced)
0.61% 0.34% 0.95%
Super Growth 0.77% 0.45% 1.22%
Capital Stable 0.48% 0.28% 0.76%
CRF Capital Stable 0.45% 0.22% 0.67%
Australian Equities 0.58% 0.19% 0.77%
International Equities 0.52% 0.19% 0.71%
0.90% 0.99% 1.89%
Fixed interest 0.38% 0.06% 0.44%
Cash 0.07% 0.04% 0.11%


1The investment fees and ICRs have been estimated based on fees and costs for the 2017/18 financial year.

For more information, please read the Fees and costs Fact Sheet. You can use the information in this fact sheet to compare AustSafe Super’s costs with other super funds. 

Please read the Insurance Guide for more information on the premiums relating to your insurance.

For fees and costs relating to your AustSafe Super Pension account, read the Pension PDS.